Friday, March 15, 2013

File Folder Games

Now that Girl Scout Cookie season is over for our region, I can spend a little less time counting money and a little more time coming up with new ways to challenge Little Brother.  I asked a daycare provider friend of mine and she rattled off a list of neat ideas and webpages to check out.  This lead me to...

File Folder Games!

These are fun little games that you can find all over the internets, for free and to buy.  They are made from a basic file folder, not the hanging kind, the basic kind.  You print out an activity sheet and glue it to the folder.  You print out game pieces and have the kiddos match the pieces to the sheet.  Lots of people laminate theirs, but I've just thrown two together to see how Little Brother likes them.  If he decides to keep them, I might laminate the pieces and stick velcro to them.  The thought of losing some of the little pieces is bothersome to me.

I printed these ones for free at


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